As difficult as it is to deal with death of someone you love, muslim funeral arrangements should begin immediately after the death of a loved one. According to Islamic law, burial services should be arranged as soon as possible. It is important for the family to contact Islamic Society of Tulsa so they can help with funeral services. Funeral Services involve three essential steps that everyone should know:

Washing and Shrouding of the body
The Funeral Prayer
The Burial Process

For IST, Br. Bashir Milad has volunteered to assist and guide the family through this difficult time and process. Please note that you will need to contact a Funeral Home of your choice. IST regularly uses Moore Funeral Services (Phone: 918-663-2233). 

For any instructions / questions, contact Br. Bashir Mialad at 918-734-1343 or IST office at 918-622-1155.