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Welcome to Islamic society of Tulsa
4630 S. Irvington Ave. Tulsa, OK 74135

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Community Outreach

Media Contacts / Press Release

For press releases and press statements contact the Islamic Society of Tulsa’s Community Relations Spokesperson:
IST's Director of Outreach / PR:

Speakers Bureau

The Islamic Society of Tulsa’s Speakers Bureau provides a diverse group of speakers from around the world for your educational needs. To book a speaking engagement, send email to:

Teachers / Resources

Public school teachers who want to know more about the Muslim students and their beliefs and holiday schedules can use this resource. Teachers and Educators can also find more information on Islam and better resources for Muslim students here.

Another useful website for Educators to look up reference material, this is the research and study done by the Harvard University's Outreach center. Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies - Curriculum for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Youth Activities

IST has great emphasis on developing fun and challenging programs for our youth. We are constantly working on programs and activities that will keep our young kids engaged and challenged. Our goal is to provide a safe and family-friendly environment where they can organize fun activities that also helps them learn. They get to exercise team skills, healthy competition and athletics.

We welcome your suggestions in expanding our youth services. Please contact our Youth Coordinator for details.

Social Services
Food Pantry Program

Help us fill the Food Pantry for people in need. We appreciate your donations.

We accept canned foods or dry foods. Drop box available on-site. Please verify the expiration dates before you drop off.

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Financial Assistance

IST provides financial assistance to members of our community that are in need.

Please contact the President of the Operating Council of Masjid for assistance.

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English Language Class

This class is offered for the adults in the community.
People with no previous knowledge of english language or wanting to enhance their existing skills can apply.
Please contact Nahid Egan for details at 918-813-5903

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Funeral Services

As difficult as it is to deal with death of someone you love, muslim funeral arrangements should begin immediately after the death of a loved one. According to Islamic law, burial services should be arranged as soon as possible. It is important for the family to contact a local Islamic organization so they can help with funeral services. Funeral Services involve three essential steps that everyone should know:

  • Washing and Shrouding of the body
  • The Funeral Prayer
  • The Burial Process

For IST, Br. Bashir Milad has volunteered to assist and guide the family through this difficult time and process. Please note that you will need to contact a Funeral Home of your choice. IST regularly uses Moore Funeral Services (Phone: 918.622.1155). You will also need to get a Death Certificate from the primary care physician or through the Hospice that may have been providing services.