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Welcome to Islamic society of Tulsa
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One-Time Donations

Please pick a category from the list and click on the "Pay Now" button below to make a one time donation.

NOTE: For people who want to donate money specifically towards the New Land purchase, we have now added a new Category called "New Land Fund" to the list below.

One-Time Donations


You also have the option to pick a category of your choice and the amount that you would like to donate on a recurring basis. The process is simple. You set it up once and the payment is automatically deducted each month. IST uses Paypal for all of its transactions. Please click on one of the following categories to set up a monthly donation amount.

NOTE: Please note that the recurring payments are set up for a period of 12 months. You will need to have an active Paypal account.

Monthly Donations
IST Staff

General Fund





Sunday School

Needy Fund


Outreach - Public Relations

Youth Council

Can I Stop My Monthly Recurring Payments Anytime?
As much as we appreciate your support, we understand that there may be times that it may be necessary for you to discontinue your monthly donation plan. You can click on the button below to opt out of any of your recurring options. Please note that you will need to login with the same PayPal account that you used when setting up the recurring payments.

Cancel  My  Monthly  Payments