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Islamic Society Of TULSA now has a new matrimony program to help those in the community wishing to get married. To provide that program, we have partnered with two non-profits that are dedicated to the institution of marriage in the muslim communities: IslamicMatchMakers and MuslimMatrimonyNetwork.

We are now part of a network of masjids and communities that are networked together to help those in our communities who want to get married.

Fees are kept minimal to be affordable to everyone. There is a one time non-refundable $50 registration fee which is used to help build your marriage profile, get your profile in the system, and to have an initial meeting with your assigned matchmaker. There are no monthly fees so someone can stay in the system as long as they need. The only requirement to stay is to be serious about marriage and to be responsive.

When both parties are interested in each other, your matchmaker will contact you to schedule a phone conference with the other interested party so that you both can talk to establish compatibility without exchanging contact information. These hour long calls will be $50/call and are used to compensate your matchmaker for their searching and also to be in on the calls with you as a guide. Finally upon exchanging contact information, there is a $100 matching finder's fee to compensate your matchmaker for finding your match.

The first step in the process is to register on our masjid website at:

Islamic Society Of TULSA Matrimony Program Registration

It is a 5 minute registration. Once you register you will make payment of your $50 registration fee. You will get a login where you can enter the rest of your profile and once done you will schedule a call with a registration specialist who will ensure that your profile is correct and help you schedule the initial call with your assigned matchmaker. Your matchmaker will interview you and get to know what you are looking for and try to go over 2-3 matches if available to get your feedback. Each month you will have a scheduled call with your matchmaker to go over potential matches and the quality of the matches should get better over time as you provide feedback and also learn what you like and don't like as well in a spouse.

The system is built around confidentiality so only your matchmaker has your detailed information. Your anonymous profile is shared with other matchmakers and only to clients who are highly qualified where your criteria match and their criteria match. Each highly qualified candidate will see the matches they've been provided by their matchmaker but it will disappear once they've expressed their interest or non-interest. Once there is a match where both parties are interested, a call is scheduled between the two and your matchmakers and it is over a conference bridge so no contact information is shared. If either party decides not to go forward they provide feedback through the matchmakers and continue on. If both decide they want to move forward they do another call and if that goes well they decide between them to share contact information or to have the families meet and to go further. Your matchmaker will be with you through the entire process to provide guidance and advice.

If you have any questions please contact at 918.960.2990.