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Welcome to Islamic society of Tulsa
4630 S. Irvington Ave. Tulsa, OK 74135

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IST Donations
Simple - Easy to Setup - Many Options

Now you can make donations to your favorite mosque from the luxury of your own home. And there is more than one way to donate. Not only can you pick your own category to donate but also choose if you want to do a one-time donation or opt to give in small, easy monthly amounts.

No matter which option you choose, we are grateful for your contribution and pray that "May Allah's utmost blessings be upon you and your family". Your support is greatly appreciated.

Donations  Using  PayPal

Donations  Using  Mohid

Donations  By  Mail

NOTE: For people who want to donate money specifically towards the New Land purchase, we have now added a new Category called "New Land Fund" as one of the options.

Food Bank
Community Food Pantry

You can now drop off any food can or dried food items at the mosque throughout the year. We encourage all members to donate whatever they can. There is a drop-box located outsite the pantry where members can drop off food items at their convenience.

Please do not forget to check the expiration dates on any food item that you drop-off. We appreciate community efforts in caring and providing for the people in need. We will make all efforts to distribute the items collected to the people in need as quickly as we can.

Financial Assistance
Request Forms

Individuals or families in need may fill out a charitable assistance form or you may contact the Director of Operations of the Masjid.

Application forms are available to download or print below:
Financial Assistance Application
Long Term Financial Assistance Application

Emergency Food Assistance Program
Please fill out the "Food Pantry Intake Form" attached below if you need assistance.
Food Pantry Intake Form
Non-Discrimination Statement

Fill out the application(s) and print them out and submit it at the Masjid. The Director of Operations or someone from his office will contact you further.