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Announcements / Press Releases

IST Statement on Terrorism in New Zealand
Friday March 15th 2019 - Rajab 8, 1440 AH

Terrorism in New Zealand

IST Statement on Terrorism in Pittsburgh
Tuesday October 30th 2018 - Safar 19, 1440 AH

Terrorism in Pittsburgh

Eid Al Adha - 2018
Tuesday August 21st 2018 - Dhul Hijjah 10

Eid Al Adha Mubarak

American Red Cross - Blood Drive at IST
Friday August 17 2018

Blood Drive 2018

Eid Mubarak!
Friday June 15 2018

Eid Announcement

Oklahoma's Statewide Open Mosque Day
Sunday April 8 2018

Islamic Society of Tulsa will be hosting the Greater Tulsa area open mosque day on Sunday April 8th 2018. From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Please contact the IST office at (918) 960-2990 or visit us at


Send Help to Harvey Victims - Make a Difference Today
Aug - 2017

IST is seeking monetary donations towards providing relief to Harvey affected areas. We have trusted resource of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) in Houston who will be incharge of use and distribution of IST Collected funds. 100% of funds will go to ISGH.

ISGH has turned at least five of its mosques into shelters, which are providing cots and food to displaced people. See Huffington Post article about ISGH work: "Muslims Opening Their Doors To Flood Victims: 'We Feel And Suffer The Same'".

You can donate online through the IST website (PayPal), MOHID kiosk at the Masjid, checks or cash. Please make sure the purpose (Harvey Hurricane Relief) is clearly indicated. All checks are to be made to IST. Donations can also be made at Eid Salah. For any questions, please call 918-638-2670 or email us at

OCCJ's Annual Youth Tour
Nov - 2016

Muslims demonstrated salat for middle & high school students of many faiths at OCCJ's annual Youth Tour of Congregations. Ahmed Ashraf presented Islamic perspectives to visiting teens. The Tour ended at the mosque with lots of questions. Imam addressed converts questions about celebrating Christians at the monthly potluck for families of converts.
Here are some of the Pictures from the event:

OCCJ Picture1

OCCJ Picture2

OCCJ Picture3

OCCJ Picture4

Quran Study Program (QSP)
Sep - 2016

All new Quran Study Program (QSP) starting September 13th, 2016.
Tuesdays: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (IST Youth Room)
Sundays: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Peace Conference Room

  • Quran Study Flyer
  • Class Description

Quran Study Flyer
Class Description

Story Time for Preschoolers
Sep - 2016

The Islamic Society of Tulsa is proud to offer a "Monthly Storytime for Preschoolers". The event is open for kids between 1 to 5 years of age and their parents. It will be held on Sundays from 10:30am - 11:30am every month starting Sunday September 25th, 2016 at the IST Nursery. Please contact Sis. Sheryl Sidiiqui for registration. Story Time

Donations Needed
Jan - 2016

Each month the Islamic Society of Tulsa’s Food Pantry provides food assistance to community members and Tulsa County residents. How you can donate and our Most Needed Items are highlighted on this flyer.

Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
Dec - 2015

Thanks to the Diversity Crew at the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce for bringing 70 of their members and friends to the mosque for dinner, a tour and lively conversation. Joining them were folks who saw it on Facebook and members of a Bartlesville church. Everyone is welcome back for our Discover Islam/Islam 101 classes any Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm for more of the same.

Tulsa Chamber of Commerce Event

You can view a clip of the event below.

Muslim Outreach - OETA
Dec - 2015

Many Muslims in Oklahoma say they feel just like they did after 9-11.marked with suspicion because of their religion, their wardrobes. Language and accents. The terrorist attack in San Bernardino followed by remarks from a presidential candidate and other people in the spotlight have created a renewed fear and a heightened sense of alert among Muslims. Religious leaders say they believe their fears are justified because some people believe the Muslim religion is synonymous with terror.This story aired on the ONR on OETA-The Oklahoma Network.

Tulsa Community shows support for Muslim Neighbors
Dec - 2015

On December the 11th 2015, a number of our American neigbors and friends showed their support for the Tulsa Muslim commnunity and stood against the message of hatred and Islamophobia.

Oklahoma Muslims Honor All of America’s Veterans
CAIR-OK Deserves Our Thanks
Nov - 2015

The Islamic Council of Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s statewide council of mosques, Islamic schools and Muslim organizations, says on behalf of its member organizations that it is time to recognize our veterans with due respect. Sheryl Siddiqui, ICO Chairperson, says about the Council on American Islamic Relations Oklahoma Chapter:

“CAIR-OK deserves our thanks for their courage in this charged political climate for doing the right thing with their float for veterans in Wednesday’s Tulsa Veterans Day parade- for giving Oklahomans the chance to honor the veterans of all backgrounds who trained together, served together and had each other’s backs as they defended our Constitution, our freedoms and American interests.”

Read the Official ICO Statement here.

Oklahoma Muslims Join National #FEED THEIR LEGACY Campaign
Apr - 2015

Mosques and Schools Feed Hungry in Memory of Slain Youth. Read the complete press release here.

Muslim Scholars Release Open Letter To Islamic State Meticulously Blasting Its Ideology
Nov - 2014

More than 120 Muslim scholars from around the world joined an open letter to the “fighters and followers” of the Islamic State, denouncing them as un-Islamic by using the most Islamic of terms. Read the letter and the full article here.

Muslim Scholars

Muslims send sympathies to victims, families & co-workers
Sep - 2014

(Tulsa 9/26/14) The Islamic Council of Oklahoma reports that Oklahoma Muslims are shocked, horrified and saddened about the loss of innocent life and the injuries at Moore’s Vaughan facility today. Sympathies go to the victims as well as the families and co-workers of the women who were attacked. Oklahoma Muslims, like all other Oklahomans, work and attend school with the belief that those are safe places to go.

Workplace and school killings are tragic but are unfortunately becoming more common in America. Every loss is felt by family, friends and strangers. Scholars and everyday Muslims maintain that no religious or political goal is ever achieved by these acts. The Alabama UPS workplace murders last week are just as upsetting.

Mr. Nolen, the alleged assailant, has been reported by media outlets as having been just fired from his job and that he is a recent convert to Islam. According to Sheryl Siddiqui, Spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Oklahoma, “He was not known to any of the leadership in Oklahoma mosques. We do not have any confirmation of his conversion either in prison or out in the community.”

Muslims are supporting law enforcement efforts to perform their due diligence and seek justice in this case.

About the Islamic Council of Oklahoma:

The Islamic Council of Oklahoma (ICO) is a council of Oklahoma mosques and Islamic schools, serving more than 35,000 Muslims in Oklahoma. The council works to promote improved communication, cooperation and best practices among Islamic organizations to improve the everyday lives of Muslims and all Oklahomans.